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How it works?

For Advertisers

AdCliq is a private ad network that focuses on first-time customer acquisitions. It works in a contextual way, which means it places ads targeting keywords and categories related to what customers are reading. This way prospective customers will get ads served based on what they are interested in at that moment.

This is called search-to-display advertising, also known as contextual advertising and is considered to be one of the best ROI advertising methods on the market.

eCommerce and brick-and-mortar businesses a-like, everyone using the AdCliq network will enjoy high engagements and click-through-rates. Due to the contextual approach, users are more prone to sign up for newsletters, try out new products for the first time and become overall more interested in brands.

AdCliq allows for conversion tracking for eCommerce store advertisers and city targeting for brick-and-mortar businesses. This is the most cutting-edge approach for online advertisers to get the most out of their programmatic advertising.

What sets AdCliq apart from Google Ads, Facebook Ads and, is that on top of providing a high tech advertising experience, it also very carefully vets publishers and tests publishers’ conversion rates.

No publisher is created equal, and we make sure that in order to get the best results for advertisers, we find the most premium publishers. This will ensure for the fairest and most accurate advertising rates, and the best results in terms of first-time customer acquisitions.

The bottom line is that while AdCliq is an ad network, it is a customer acquisition network first. We don’t just display ads, we convert customers all through recommending advertising strategies to advertisers, optimizing placements for publishers, properly vetting the ad traffic, and providing cutting-edge advertising technology.

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For Publishers

AdCliq is the first private ad network that provides underserved communities and industries with an advertising solution. Not only that, but AdCliq recognizes that most advertisers are businesses focused on ROAS and first-time customer acquisitions. This means that an advertiser cares about high quality traffic that will convert to customers.

For the publisher, this translates to a healthy CPM like never seen before. Only premium publishers are accepted to the AdCliq advertising network. If your site is chosen, it not only means you are now part of a prestigious group, but also will get the most valued for ads placed on your site.