Connecting eCommerce hemp advertisers with premium publishers

AdCliq’s mission is simple. Becoming the best performing ad network, with as main goal to help businesses attract new customers acquisition, while rewarding high converting publishers.

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For Advertisers

Get new customers the fastest way possible.

We manually vet every website that becomes an AdCliq publisher. We make sure they have a proven track record of delivering ad conversions before they get approved. Every site in the AdCliq network is known for high conversions so that your store can enjoy a steady stream of new customers & sales daily.

Contextual Advertising

Get your ads seen in content where it matters!

Programmatic Advertising

Set your target audience and let AdCliq do its job.

Prospecting Advertising

AdCliq has the highest prospecting conversion rate in the world.

Retargeting Advertising

Retarget new prospects so they become loyal customers.

A new and growing network that delivers results

AdCliq was founded in September of 2022, but already serves ads to over 3 million monthly visitors and over 50 million monthly ad impressions.

At AdCliq, we focus on quality so that you get what you pay for. We don’t want to be known as the biggest ad network. We want to be known as the best ad network.

Publishers earn a high CPM

AdCliq publishers see an average of $9 CPM, while competitors such as serve an average of $5 CPM, with Google having an average of $1 CPM.

We also deliver some of the highest fill rates in the market. With a high demand in CBD & hemp advertising, publishers enjoy a constant stream served ads.

Tons of locations worldwide and more on the way

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  • 875+ premium locations available worldwide
  • Reservable conference rooms at every office location
  • Flexible membership offered for weekly/monthly/yearly
  • Exclusive events & social gatherings at no extra cost
  • Office list updated frequently with new locations
  • Personal desk and access to high speed internet

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

“I've never seen an ad network deliver so many new first-time customers so quickly. AdCliq helped skyrocket our company's growth.”

Kara LucasInterior Decorator

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Jake SmithDeveloper

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