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Some questions answered

Adcliq Payment Processing 

What info do I need to provide to AdCliq in order to get paid? 

You need to submit your bank account number in the portal, and you need to complete a Form W-9 and return it to us. We use Docusign to securely request your W-9 info. 

Why do I need to submit my bank account number? 

We issue payments to you via (ACH) bank electronic fund transfer. Without your bank account number, we are unable to direct the funds to you.

Why do I need to fill out and submit a W-9?

A W-9 is an official US tax form that is used to collect taxpayer identifying information from you in order for us to issue you a Form 1099. We are required to issue a Form 1099 to any vendor in which we pay $600 or more in a calendar tax year. We can not process your payments to you without your W-9 information. More information about Form W-9 can be found here on the IRS website:

What if I am not a US citizen? Do I need to complete a W-9? 

If you are not a US citizen, or current visa holder, we may need to issue different tax documentation on your behalf, depending on your situation. Please reach out to us and let us know your details so that we can get you correctly certified as a foreign contractor. 

When can I expect to receive my first earnings?

Welcome aboard! We initiate payments to you on a monthly basis. How we do this is covered more extensively below under “How often will I get paid?” and includes examples. 

How often will I get paid? 

Each month, we pay publishers for the previous month’s impressions on a Net 30 basis. Your account needs to have earned a minimum of $100 in order to have a bank transfer initiated to you. We initiate payments to you via electronic bank transfers (ACH). ACH bank transfers usually take no longer than 1-3 business days to go from us to you, with many transfers being available to you the next business day. However, some banks can take 3-5 days to process your ACH transfer. Each bank has its own processing timeline. We don’t control how quickly your bank will process our ACH transfer. You can expect to receive your payment around the same calendar days each month, but you may receive your payment slightly faster or slower than another publisher may receive their payment due to differing bank transfer speeds. We issue all payments to you in the form of US dollars. 

Payment examples: 

If you earned at least $100 between June 1-June 30, we will initiate transfer of that full amount to you in the following month of July. 

If you earned an amount less than $100 between June 1- June 30, a bank transfer will not be initiated to you in the following month of July. In that case, your June earnings will be held for you until your total earnings reach $100. If you were to then cross the $100 threshold in July, we would initiate a bank transfer to you in August and it would include your earnings for both June and July. 

We don’t typically see situations where established publishers have not reached the $100 threshold in a previous month. However, if you are a new publisher that started with us on the last calendar days of a month and because of that, did not cross the $100 in your first month, your first earnings payout will not be in the immediately following month and will be instead, added to your next monthly cycle. 

Why am I not getting paid?  

In order for you to get paid, we need your bank account number. Please check that you provided that to us in the portal and that the numbers you entered are complete and correct. In addition, you need to have completed and returned your W-9 to us for us to be able to pay you any cumulative amount above $599 US dollars. Please check that you have completed your W-9 and confirm that you successfully submitted it to us. When we don’t have your W-9, we put a hold on your account’s payouts until your W9 paperwork has been received by us. 

In addition, your account needs to have earned a minimum of $100 in order for us to initiate a bank transfer of your earnings to you. For more information on how this works, please see the example in “How often will I get paid?”

If you have submitted your bank account number, your completed W-9, and you earned at least $100 in the last calendar month and you are still having issues with payment, please reach out immediately to us so that we can help. 

Please reach out to us at for any questions you can’t find answers to here!