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About AdCliq

AdCliq was founded on the idea that the current digital/online advertising system is broken. Ad giants like Google and Facebook did not start their companies to optimize for advertising conversions and customer acquisition opportunities. They started their business to provide a search and social solution. We started AdCliq to solve digital advertising and deliver the best results imaginable.

While it’s true that Google and Facebook have been the best programmatic ad targeting options for the past decade, the tide is changing, and companies like AdCliq are seeing untapped potential when it comes to converting ad viewers to become prospective customers.

It is for that reason AdCliq has decided to become a contextual programmatic ad platform. This means that you will see display ads embedded in and near content related to the ad. This is known as the search-to-display model. No lost revenue for Google Ad clicks where someone is curious, and not genuinely interested. The search-to-display model confirms the user is genuinely interested and filters out not-serious prospective customers.

The contextual elements allows for relatable ads to be shown next to content users already were trying to learn more about. However, prospective advertising for the purpose of customer acquisition is so much more. This is where AdCliq differs from Facebook and Google advertising options.

AdCliq only works with premium publishers who’s traffic has been tested for conversions. This is the sales angle of AdCliq. Its product is not software to display ads, but a tool to acquire new customers. AdCliq only allows premium U.S. advertisers to begin advertising and closely monitors the quality of display ads and traffic response to said ads.

AdCliq’s network is exclusive and invite-only. AdCliq strives to continue to be the best advertising platform, delivering the best system for retailers and advertisers to acquire customers. If we happen to become the biggest network over time, we’ll take that as a win, but the potency of conversions, traffic quality, and advertising experience is all that matters.

AdCliq’s mission is to deliver software and the best digital advertising experience in the world.